Our First Egg!

Sales Policy

1. Read our page about rabbit care. Understand what it means to own a rabbit. Rabbits live up to 8 years. Please consider joining the local 4-H chapter, as they can assist you in learning to care for pet OR show rabbits.

2. If you or your child is not taking good care of your rabbit, maybe you have lost interest, or cannot find the time for whatever reason (we don't judge!), please sell or rehome as soon as possible! Do not let it go too long, as they will not be used to being handled anymore, and their wool may be in a sad state, and no one wants to buy/own a "wild" matted rabbit. In some cases, we may be interested in taking the kit/adult back, however this is not guaranteed.

3. Check rabbits daily, always. More than once a day is preferred. Morning and night.

4. If you see a rabbit you would like to meet, please email to set up a viewing of our kits.

5. If you decide to purchase a kit, seen or unseen, we require a 30.00 deposit. Please let us know your intentions, and you can send by mail or PayPal. If two persons are interested in the same rabbit, at the same time, whom ever contacted us first about the rabbit has first "dibs." In which case, a deposit should be in our hands within 5 days to hold rabbit for purchase when available (if too young, or cage needs to be ordered). If deposit is not received within 5 days, the rabbit in question will go to the next person in line, who should then provide the deposit within 5 days.

6. Please, please! Ask questions before AND after purchase!


  1. I have been looking for local angora breeder in Las Vegas. You are as close as I could find. I have had several rabbits over the years. I would love to buy another angora. Please send me information on a local breeder, or how I could buy one of your bunnies. Thank you Teri Demola

  2. Please contact us at