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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fall ARBA Show-Reno Results

We took our French Angora rabbits to the Reno Fall show in Cold Springs for our Reno Rabbits 4-H Club. We entered 5 rabbits in the double ARBA open and my son entered showmanship.

Showmanship is the portion of the show where 4-H youth demonstrate their knowledge of a rabbits health & care to a judge. The kids are judged on rabbit health knowledge and rabbit breed trivia. They must do a complicated demonstration with the rabbit, showing the judge that the rabbit is healthy & demonstrating what health concerns they are checking for and why it matters.

My son had not done showmanship in several months, but his 4-H mentor, Lydia, showed him a few new tricks and he managed to earn first place in Junior class. This was his first time as a Junior, as opposed to Novice class. He was nervous, but did excellent.
Evan and Jett, although he did showmanship with Bunnicula, a red-eyed white FA

Our rabbits did well also. We took Boone-a chinchilla-colored buck that is new to us-and he won first place on body & wool type/density, although his coat was short at the time. Halloween (for sale) earned a leg for Best of Variety in show A.
Halloween (ENS13-For Sale) wins a BOV leg

Overall we had a very successful, if long, day! Can't complain.

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