Our First Egg!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fall ARBA Show-Reno Results

We took our French Angora rabbits to the Reno Fall show in Cold Springs for our Reno Rabbits 4-H Club. We entered 5 rabbits in the double ARBA open and my son entered showmanship.

Showmanship is the portion of the show where 4-H youth demonstrate their knowledge of a rabbits health & care to a judge. The kids are judged on rabbit health knowledge and rabbit breed trivia. They must do a complicated demonstration with the rabbit, showing the judge that the rabbit is healthy & demonstrating what health concerns they are checking for and why it matters.

My son had not done showmanship in several months, but his 4-H mentor, Lydia, showed him a few new tricks and he managed to earn first place in Junior class. This was his first time as a Junior, as opposed to Novice class. He was nervous, but did excellent.
Evan and Jett, although he did showmanship with Bunnicula, a red-eyed white FA

Our rabbits did well also. We took Boone-a chinchilla-colored buck that is new to us-and he won first place on body & wool type/density, although his coat was short at the time. Halloween (for sale) earned a leg for Best of Variety in show A.
Halloween (ENS13-For Sale) wins a BOV leg

Overall we had a very successful, if long, day! Can't complain.

Back from Hiatus-Getting ready for the Fall Show-Preparing for Winter

Our family took a much needed hiatus from rabbits, chickens, showing, selling, breeding, and gardening for a few months. We have had a series of "unfortunate events" befall us, are undergoing some major life-changing decisions, as well as needing some time to enjoy the last of summer. But, we are back! And resilient....We missed several important events that would have gotten our name out there this Fall.

My NEW small side garden performed well this year. We got a havrvest of many fruits, berries, eggs, greens, vegetables, squashes, and a pumpkin! 

We lost a rabbit to an injury earlier this year, skinned him, and tanned the hide. We hope to do a post about this in the near future. We are also going to butcher a pinched-hindquarters buck, and tan him as well, and will get lost of pics and provide info about the process. 
Pudge's pelt in progress 

We are beginning to prepare for winter, a project that includes providing supplementary light for the hens, building up the compost in the coops and runs for winter, raking leaves into our garden beds to provide cover for perinneals and fodder for our soil organisms, prepping our rabbit cages for cold weather (tarps on hand, rain covers on at all times), & covering the outdoor bed. We tend not to stock up on food much, but buy more often so more is on hand. We also must get our heated waterers running for the livestock.

We have announcements in our chicken project area as well. Our banty cochin hens have successfully reproduced! We have several little chicks being raised in our small coop. Super easy too. We also learned how to butcher roosters this Fall. They tasted amazing.
Roost view of hatching in progress

We are preparing for the Cold Springs school ARBA show the 12th of November. Here are some of
our buns that are going: