Our First Egg!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

And the results are in!

we had our 4-H meeting last night, and got so much help from the kids & adults about what type of rabbit kits we have! So, it looks like we mainly have bucks. Lots of them. Eight of them to be exact. Yep, it's just as I have always suspected, something in the water here makes BOYS. Have noticed it with my own kids as well....

We prefer bucks, and think they make excellent pets. We also think every breeding program Should have more than one. Our bucks are very sweet and friendly. Calm and curious. Fun and funny.

We also found out a lot about our rabbit genetics that we did not know. We were unsure of what second C gene our buck, Winchester, carried. Now we believe it is cchl - or shaded. We have quite a few kits carrying double cchl genes in this litter. So if you are looking to add some guaranteed cchl in your breeding program, we have some bucks for you!

We have some nice kits, that should develop into nice rabbits, some kits that have a lot of promise but need to grow into thier bodies a bit before the verdict is in, so to say, and some kits that should be good to excellent fiber rabbits. Each kit page is in the process of being updated with pricing and body/wool information, if known.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Our kit colors...

We are going to the 4-H meeting tonight for help with sexing our kits and their colors (our first ever litter, ya'll).

We think some of our formerly "self lilac" kits are actually lilac torts, as they are getting another color of wool under the lilac top coat on their backs, and not tummies. It is a brown color. So should be lilac tort I believe.

We also need help with Twinkle and Pudge. They look to be some kind of pearl possibly (an angora color only), but also could be something else. Possibly lilac pearl. And Baked Potato is just a mystery to me right now.

We are reviewing what we know of rabbit genetics this am, in prep for the meeting tonight!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Kits in the sunshine

We let the kits out in the baby play yard to explore today. They were a crack-up when a plane flew over, or a truck rolled by - they would all stand up on their hind legs with their ears straight up. Too cute! They had a good time romping.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kit for sale list created

We created a list of kits for sale at this time.

We are keeping a strange white rabbit, called Pudge, that is the twin of ENS-8 named Twinkle. Obviously, the new owner can rename. Not sure if this is a good idea, or bad, for showing, as we are not really sure this is a showable rabbit color in French Angora.
We may or may not keep another rabbit, if any turn out to be smoke pearl, or a self-lilac rabbit. But that would require considerable more room in our rabbitry that we currently have.
We are considering keeping ENS-7, called Baked Potato. This rabbit is a bit of a mystery in terms of color as well. I would like to have a choice of several colors to sell next go-around, and in general in our breeding program, thus, I thought keeping a "different" colored rabbit may be a good idea. However, this rabbit may not be a showable color either, in which case I may not keep. Wool should be really beautiful to spin from. Multi-colored with banding on wool shafts. Has cream to white eye bands, nose legs, inner ears, belly, undersides of feet & tail. Wool is orange-y, with some grey to face/ears/top of tail. Eyes blue-grey. Colored nails. Wool has banding, and is orange to grey to cream, with orange or grey at bottom near skin. Note that in pictures, nose looks dirty, but it is because they have been eating alfalfa, which has a lot of alfalfa dust and that sticks to normal secretions on nose. Not sick or runny. ENS-7 "the Baker" is probably some kind of tort, or called lynx/opal even if not agouti-based. Will know more soon. Sex unknown at this time.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Catching up with our kit pictures!

As the long winter break draws to a close this morning, sob, sob, we realized we have no updated kit pictures! How did that happen? It's not like it was a busy, bustling, schedule-packed Christmas season or anything. It's not like we were entertaining two children in the middle of a mind-numbingly cold snap, trying to keep our sanity, while quietly , or not so quietly, we got cabin fever. Then it finally warmed up to high thirties, which feels warm now (I am taking a moment to absorb that thought). We were able to avoid the overcrowded bouncing venues and get back to the parks and sledding, and my fears of becoming Jack Nicholson in the Shining were quieted. "Here's Johnny!"So, we made it through this lovely, overly-long holiday break.
In all seriousness, we had an excellent 2015, filled with new experiences, new friends and old, joy, love, personal growth,
A goal for the coming week is to determine how to recycle my two (!) Christmas trees without hauling them off. Challenge accepted!