Our First Egg!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Pumpkin and winchester's litter, ready for new homes!

This litter should make excellent show rabbits! And be great for wool production! Sire is a Grand Champion (three "leg" awards at rabbit shows for Best of Breed), dam has one leg (award) : Best Opposite of Breed - but is rarely shown (never seems to be "in coat" at the right time for the show).

We had two go home a couple weeks ago.  Now we have three does and three bucks to offer.  They are blue tort,  fawn,  and black. Let us know if you would like more information! 100.00 each. Wool is over 3" long already. Great for homesteading, meat, wool, pet, show!

Jett: black buck

Another view of Jett

Carmel: fawn doe

Carmel from the side
Halloween: Tort buck

Ginger: blue tort doe

Ginger: top coat view

Cornflake: fawn doe

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